Lucy Werner is a PR expert and founder of The Wern, a specialist communications consultancy and training hub for startups, entrepreneurs and independent brands.  She has worked with top emerging business talent such as Jimmy’s Iced Coffee, The Marshmallowist and Vinyl My, Please.

She also consults for innovation, marketing and other public relations agencies on their go-to market strategies, raising CEO profiles and developing thought leadership.

Lucy uses her own profile to demonstrate how other small businesses can do their own publicity and is a regular on on the PR speaker circuit for Huckletree, General Assembly, Mothers Meetings and Work.Life.

She has written a 10-day e-learning course for Highbrow on “How to get press for your business” and was recently awarded finalist in “Growth Business Enabler” from Startups.co.uk.

Her first book “Hype Yourself: A nonsense DIY PR toolkit for small businesses” is launching in January 2020.