The Journal Edit


Unsuprisingly, given that it is January and I’m doing a whole bunch of planning for 2019, my social algorithm is serving me multiple sponsored ads for journals. However, since I was a 10-year old given my first diary with a lock (that was definitely pickable by older siblings) I’ve loved having a journal. So, this week’s startup edit are my Top 5 journals. 


1.    For the wee people - Happy Self Journal

I WISH this was for adults, but alas it’s a brilliant idea conceived for children but the design is just brilliant. I bought one for my niece who LOVED it, particularly the additional stickers that come with. If you know a wee person (ideally 6-12) who wants to cultivate a gratitude habit or just a more general positive mindset this is fantastic. Price £19.90


2.    For the listicle lover - The 52 list

I was brought this a few years ago and it is an easy way to ease yourself into journaling if you don’t have time for a daily habit. Based on the blog by Moorea Seal, each week, you are prompted to create a list under various positive cateogories. Note: in the spirit of all things small biz, with a bit of a google search you don’t have to buy from the big A-book store and support an independent bookshop.,moorea-seal-9781632170965 Price £14.99


3.    For the little and often - One line a day

For more of a little and often approach, I think the ‘One Line a Day’ journal highlighted by Calm Mamas Clubis great. As much as we all need time to reflect, it can be hard to make a daily commitment. This is a journal that ask you to write down one sentence a day over 5 years. It reminds me a bit of those imaginary folding story games you play as a child. You never know where the story is going and I think that is part of the fun. 

Available via Price £14.99


4.    For the art lover 

Tate Picasso 2019 pocket diary

Because not everyone needs a huge diary for their thoughts, if you need a small practical 2019 diary then you should definitely get a pretty one. This beaut if from the Tate Modern and features examples of some of his most famous work. There is a small space for notes but my favourite is an envelope to store all your exhibition tickets. Price £6.95


5.    The cute one 

Remarkably this is badger is still available in the sale. I love the stationary at Kikki.K and this cute one is a perfect cheerful day job. Quirky and cute designs, stickers (because they are not just for children) and a weekly planner so you can really happily illustrate your week ahead. Price £14.70 


If I have missed any good ones, let me know in the comments. Enjoy x