PR for introverts


Feel too introverted to start self-promoting yourself but know you need to get yourself out there? Have a read of my Top PR tips for introverts and pick one to get you started.


My business strategy might change year-on-year but one thing that doesn’t change is that I want to help as many small business owners, entrepreneurs and freelancers everywhere learn how to do their own publicity. Recently, I’ve been conducting polls to see which areas you might want help with and a whole bunch of you requested some PR tips for introverts. So without further ado, here are some ideas to get you started:


An EASY one to get you started. Even the biggest introvert can manage an instagram/twitter quiz or a poll. People like to be asked their opinion and it's an easy way to engage your audience.

2. Blog posts/opinion pieces

Raising your entrepreneur profile whether you are part of a huge company with thousands of employees, OR you just work for yourself. it is easy with platforms like LinkedIn Publishing, Medium or hosting your own blog on a website. Or you can even try and pitch your own guest post.

3. Quality over quantity

If networking events or conferences feel you with fear - reframe your thinking. You don't need to chat to everyone in the room. In fact one great connection is better than 20 mediocre connections. So just task yourself to make just one. Can you find anyone on social beforehand that is attending that you can connect with?

4. Don't spray and pray

PR NO NO - I literally HATE it when I see people issue one press release to hundreds of journalists. This is actually spam babes. If you are issuing your press release out to loads of people and no-one is responding it is probably because you have not gone to the right person. Focus on building a few useful connections with up to 5 journalists maximum in the first instance.

5. Podcasts

Out of all the publicity mediums, podcasts are fab for introverts because you are likely to be sat having a conversation in the room with just one other person. It's not live, so you if you need to re-record or fluff your answer that is totally ok.

6. Challenge and deadlines

Video content is the one that most people dread but it is also the most effective for reach. So set yourself a challenge. Can you do just ONE Facebook Live? ONE pre-record for LinkedIn? You don't have to be posting video all the time but how can you ease yourself out there?

7. Photography

I used to hate sharing images of myself, I found it extremely cringe. However, once I had paid for a whole day shoot for myself I didn't want to waste the money and not use them. So a good tip to start getting your face out there is to actually invest in photography.

8. Sharing other people's content

Far easier than battling with your own writing style - create your own listicle. Compile a list of Top 10 people you admire in your industry, the best business books you've read, the five most interesting articles you have seen that week. Anything that showcases your expertise that will be of benefit / interest to your audience. Creating your own content can just be aggregating a feed of your favourites without you feeling like you are showing your own hand too much.

9. Engage online

Many journalists, CEO's and useful business connections exist on public social media platforms like LinkedIn, Twitter and Instagram. You don't have to consider networking as face-to-face, you can build relationships by sharing, engaging and commenting on the content of these connections online and build up a relationship in your own time.

Final thoughts…

Shooting from the hip (often in the extroverts repertoire) is not always the best skill to be a PR. Especially in a social media world where what you say, can and will be used against you in evidence.

Typically introverts can be a lot more measured and less emotional in their responses - this will serve you for the quality of a pitch to a journalist AND how you deal with conflict or customer complaints. Whatever your personality, you will have traits that you can use to your best advantage to promote yourself. So there is no ‘get out of jail’ card for anyone. Let me know how you get on.

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