Why a dose of self-hype is as important as self-help


When Mother’s Meeting asked me to submit a blog I knew that I didn’t feel I had shared enough of myself at the Networking event, so here is a little tale that I hope inspired you to learn how to Hype Yourself.


-   A brief journey of being self-employed and having a baby - 

 Before I had my first baby, I ran my own company with a team which I tried to manage whilst taking mat leave. In parts, I really enjoyed still being able to use that part of my brain, but there were also moments, when the choice was taken away - such as havingto write a press release two weeks post-partum - that were difficult. 

 For numerous reasons the business wasn’t flourishing without me (another post for another time on why getting a co-founder can be a great idea). Originally, I had planned to return to work full time at three months using shared parental leave, but when the time came, I wasn’t ready. 

At six months, I still only felt ready to be back part time and immediately had to make the remaining team redundant.  At my lowest point, I remember sitting in a coffee shop feeling like a failure and ugly crying quite publicly. I wanted so badly to create a PR business that served small businesses, but I couldn’t make it profitable and be the Mum I wanted. 

 I then threw myself into house selling / buying and just making ends meet and before I knew it – 2018 had gone. My business had just existed and a whole year had passed me by. I’d ignored my own advice of having a communications plan, promoting myself and any direction. I hadn’t got anywhere because I hadn’t even put in my mind where I wanted to go. 

The media industry basically shuts down over Christmas, enough was enough, so I took a fortnight off.  I used the excuse of letting my French mother-in-law and partner have some quality time together and locked myself away. I created a vision board, I completed the No Bull School end of year review and I set myself goals and tasks for 2019. Then most importantly I started to share them.

I started to pitch myself for guest posts, speaker panels, sharing more tips to back up my knowledge on my social channels and other witterings to hopefully give a glimpse into my personality. I joined four different networking groups, I’ve literally never been so busy, but I’ve never made so many contacts and had so many ideas. I hyped myself to everyone and anyone that would listen about what I wanted to do. I overhauled my Instagram with a rebrand and started taking baby steps towards my five-year goals.

From 12 months of being a work ghost to hyping myself for just one month - I secured three guest panels, three blog posts, grew my audience, made some lovely new friends (mostly through Mother’s Meetings obvs) and even secured a business book deal! All of which whilst doesn’t dramatically change my business day-to-day are part of my long-term business plan. It’s a marathon not a sprint for sure. 

If you had told me, even in November, that I would get these things I wouldn’t have believed you. So, my lesson learnt, and to pass on to you ladies is learn to self-hype. It feels scary to put yourself back out there, but as soon as you step out of the shadows, I’m testament that amazing things can happen for you personally and professionally. 

OpinionLucy Werner