The Resolution Edit


I love championing small and independent businesses and wanted to find a way to share some of my favourites. Just like a pal, recommending a great podcast or TV show, I hearby introduce a weekly list of my Top 5 startups.

This week, I bring you my alternative New Year’s resolution guide with five businesses that are fundamentally good for your soul that don't involve a Fitness First corporate membership.


The one to keep you work happy: Growth & Happiness School

Founded by the stylish and intelligent badass that is Samantha Clarke, there are multiple courses but the one I personally recommend is Be Happy First. I took this course as a confused Mother & business owner in January 18. It gave me so much more than I was hoping for to help build a strong foundation for my happiness in the last 12-months. The emphasis whilst for happiness at work can be applied to all elements of your life, and it forced me to implement changes in the home which also helped my relationship with my partner. Cheaper than a one month gym membership and longer lasting effects. - £75


The one that will sort out your finances (the crux of your life): Rainchq

I first met Davinial ast Spring, where she explained the intricacies of finance in such a clear and concise way that even a PR fluff like me could understand. Months later, I’m proud to be working with her to launch the business and have already subscribed to the service. As a mother of one and pregnant with my second, home and business owner I have not got a clue how to manage my money and it stresses me out. You see a PT for fitness training so why the hell are we not seeing financial experts to help us manage our money. As well as a host of members only events and information you will receive two bespoke and tailored appointments with your own financial advisor. I feel less like an ostrich about my finances already. - £300


The one that is your own slice of an oasis: Bloombox

Founded by a psychologist no less, who spotted how plant care can benefit your mental health. With all the *insert current grim front page news here* a subscription to help you reconnect with nature, clean your environment and hey, even a mood moderator sounds fab to me. You can even start to grow your own jungle over time and if like me your are prone to being more of a plant killer they come with clear instructions on how to keep alive. – Prices vary


The one that makes you happy to get dressed – Lucy & Yak

At some point in the last quarter of 2018 I discovered Lucky & Yak EVERYWHERE I LOOKED. If you have not heard of them yet then you need to get following. Their whole brand ethos is what makes small business brilliant. Just scrolling through their Instagram makes me happy, from electric coloured boilersuits, to pastel palette of dungas to the world’s comfiest trews. I’m telling you now – a purchase in any colour from these guys is going to make you happy. – Prices vary


The one that gives you something sexy to look at - Sophie Rose Brampton

I discovered Sophie through GrlPwrGang(see Instagram isn’t just for making us feel shit about ourselves) and she is 100% on my shop list for 2019. She can even draw your squad, your Mum, you and your Nan. She has limited spaces but does take commissions - hurrah! Who doesn’t need a cute illustration of themselves? Or shop something unique from her shop, your eyes will thank you for it. Don’t stare at the wall like the end scene from Blair Witch – pop a colourful treat in front of those peepers. – Prices vary

Hope you enjoy the first list and keep me posted on any interesting, quirky, need-to-know independent businesses or entrepreneurs that should be on my radar. Have a fantabulous 2019 folks.