Update on 52 PR Tips


On 1st May, we launched our first ever product “52 PR Tips”, this has been five months in the making and we wanted to keep you updated with our progress / process.



I first started writing the 52 PR Tips in January, whilst also doing the Alison Jones 10-day book proposal challenge. (For those who don’t already know, this is how I secured my book deal). The purpose of the cards is to spark ideas and to be quick wins - so it was quite hard to whittle them down and still feel like they made sense.


With the new website / branding overhaul going on in the background Hadrien didn’t have time to design the cards too so I went about beta testing just the wording. Luckily, some fabulous women from Mothers Meetings network agreed to give feedback, I was keen to use people outside my friendship group who would be blunt and I refined and then reissued to my pals for final critique.


The website was up and we were go to go with design. I didn’t love the first few iterations but we had a pivot and finally agreed on a design. We drafted the shop page, researched suppliers and costs, checked our pricing against competitors and sorted out how we would post them.


Month of doom, gloom and beration. I was really sick and lost about three weeks from being so poorly and run down, the pregnancy had shot my immune system and I had to finally concede that stepping up to do client work full time whilst H did majority childcare, writing a book, doing a new website, having a rebrand, upscaling my content strategy distribution both internally as well as guest posts, panels, podcasts and events AND was perhaps too much. The cards just sat there.


The cards were FINALLY ready for pre-sell but we weren’t ready to tell the world. Mindful of the fact that I had not managed one newsletter since deciding I would do this from January and there was NO time like the present we went for it. April 31st we stayed up till 1am to get our very first newsletter “Done not perfect” out there. We sent our first email out at 7:00 am and had our first order by 7:03 (and that wasn’t even my Dad). We now have 900 envelopes in our roof (100 in the office), I’ve looked at more flaps, folds and tucks than is acceptable outside of RuPaul’s Drag race and we have pressed GO with the printer.


Our first shipment of just 100 is available for dispatch! I can’t quite believe after six months we will now be getting them out the door. The first purchasers of the pre-sale are currently slated to receive them by June 14th.

We sold the first 10% of stock in our first newsletter, so as we officially launch this month looking forward to seeing how they do. If you want to get your hands on some buy them here: