Weekly branding view


Creative Director, Hadrien shares which brands have caught his eye in the last week.


-   Jump by Uber - 

Recently launched in London the electric share bike "JUMP" by Uber - Is bright warm red and a really well-chosen font aggressively printed on the side of the bicycle which makes it unmissable. As much as I am not a fan of shared bikes lying around the city - I have to say Well done Uber Beautiful.



-   Cienne by Lotta Nieminen - 

Lotta Nieminen, a New York-based studio has designed a minimalist but yet impactful visual identity for Cienne, the female fashion brand. The use of clean fonts and beautiful paper stock create an honest and delicate visual. J’adore.



-   Peppersmith mint - 

Here is a great example of a missed opportunity. The new branding is very well executed and appealing. But yet, It is failing a bit with character and story. Pardon my French.



- Petbarn -

Petbarn an Australian based pet products company - design by Landor - simple branding in a color duo combine with the clever use of illustration. The all is fantastically animated. It's sweet, accessible, and extremely engaging. excellent work. Bravo!