Greater Than 11%


Listen to the latest interview with Lucy Werner talking all things business.


About this episode:

For episode 46 we are joined by PR guru and strategy ninja, Lucy Werner.  She is also the founder of The Wern: a specialist communications consultancy and training hub for startups, entrepreneurs and independent brands.

Initially focused on being a journalist - she discovered and fell in love with PR after doing a week's work experience in her teens and becoming pretty s**t hot once she got her foot in the door. She discusses the challenges of working in an agency versus in-house and how always being given the difficult clients was fantastic training but ultimately lead her to create her own path.

Lucy is passionate about supporting other small startups and is super selective about who she works with. She shares the value of keeping your focus on your ambition and not being sidetracked by others notion of  the ‘ideal’ direction or route.

We nabbed Lucy just before she went on maternity leave and are pleased to be able to congratulate her on her new addition to the family that arrived between recording and release of this episode!