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PR isn’t rocket science and you don’t need to spend hours writing a press release and issuing to hundreds of journalists to hype yourself. Read my easy-win ideas, that I use myself to successfully promote my business.


I have my own award-winning business that is 100% driven by self-PR. I don’t just tell you how to do it, I’m walking my own talk on a daily basis to grow my revenue. From my experience of working in PR for over 15-years, I’ve picked up some hype habits that are second nature to me but could incrementally transform your business. Below are five examples of my everyday behaviour that you can start right now to help promote your business.


1.    Talk about the little wins

Don’t gloat about it but if you have had even a small win, share it with the world. Last week, I did just a very quick insta story post that I had been booked for a paid-for gig at a business school and that this was one of my goals as part of my book promotion. I was then contacted by one of my followers to say she had previously worked at a business school and connected me with their marketing department. 


2.    Connect with your competitors

I often attend events on ‘How to do PR’ – sounds counter-intuitive but I want to make sure I’m at the top of my game, not missing out on anything obvious in my own content and be rubbing shoulders with the people I admire. I’ve now both shared and been given countless new business leads, followers on social channels and boosted my kudos from these connections. 


3.    Share and share again

One of my most engaged LinkedIn posts was sharing an article from the Hackney Gazette about me winning the FSB micro business award for London. This is probably the 6th time I’ve mentioned that award win but because I use different content each time it engages a different audience/reaction each time and reminds my network that I’m here and running a brilliant business = free awareness = new audience and sales leads. 

4.    Be useful 

I often see people looking for help with “xx” insert job description here such as photography, design, FB advertising, business coaching etc. I have a mentally noted roster of people I admire or work with that I always put forward. Sometimes, people I would even consider well above my business station and by recommending them I am not just helping the requestee out but I’m getting on the radar of these people. Often, it’s a fab way of improving relationships across the board. And just generally, its good to BE NICE. 


5.    Give free advice

I’m not talking about the leeches who ask you out for coffee who never have any intention of paying you and just want to drain your brain. I mean across your network share your expertise. Like me writing this blog post now, if its helpful then you might share with it someone in your network, I might stick in your mind the next time you need a PR. It also help keeps your expertise sharp, you work harder at your game when you are giving advice.


So there we have it, you don’t have to stand up on stage in front of hundreds of people, film yourself live or secure national newspaper coverages to promote yourself or your business. Just getting yourself into a mini-hype mindset daily can drive huge results. Let me know how you get on with @wernchat #hypeyourself 

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Copyright: The Wern - Hype Yourself - Megaphone (Designed by Hadrien Chatelet)

Copyright: The Wern - Hype Yourself - Megaphone (Designed by Hadrien Chatelet)