Boosterism - better than PR?


I don’t think the term PR always does justice to what it is that I do. But is boosterism any better?


In my weekend reading, I stumbled across the @guardian “word of the week” was “Boostermism” taken from Bojo 🤡 who means to rocket boost our economy (but the author also quotes the Oxford Dictionary which notes boosterism is “the expression of chauvinism”. lols.

But before I knew any of this, I thought “BOOSTERISM” - hey, that’s a much better word for what I do. Because frankly the word “PR” needs a PR overhaul. I've lost count of the amount of PR experts I see out there from people who have never set foot in a PR agency. I'm not even saying that PR agencies do it best but at least walk a day in a PR's shoes?

Anywho, I digress - what I actually do these days is boost startups. I help both launch (or re-launch) businesses and for existing brands. With Hadrien heading up the branding and design, we help to boost both independent businesses and individuals at all stages of their business journey.

We are slowly moving into creating tools and training to help people do this for themselves because it’s a lot more than getting into a newspaper 🗞 or choosing a new logo ✏️. Arguably anyone can help you do that - but we strategically boost you. (And we love it). What do you reckon? Can I reapropriate “boosterism” sounds more fun than PR & branding? Or a bit wanky?