July branding view


Creative Director, Hadrien shares which brands have caught his eye in the last week.


-   Frant - 

Daily branding view: When vodka becomes fun, Edgar Bak is delivering a creative view of a vodka brand.  It's playful, It's colorful, It's simple, and more importantly, it's not like vodka, but it works! J'aime



-   House of Pow - 

Pet center based in Dubai, House Of Paws. Even if the logo is relatively basic, Kinoto Studio has created a fantastic visual world around it. The play on the fonts is fun and impactful, particularly when they only use the outline. The choice of colors and pattern are adding perfectly to the story. Bravo!



-   Feel the Meal - 

Diet ready meal - Feel the Meal want to bring fun and happiness to the diet, and they did. Some might say that the use of those primary colors doesn't give the feeling of tasty food. Never the less is an interesting piece of work around the ready meal industry — design by Polish studio Komminikat.



- Rosa Pizzeria -

Rosa Pizzeria! It's pink; it's red, friendly, delicious. I want to go there. The story behind Rosa come thought all the collateral. J'adore. Bravo Mundial



- StrangLove -

StrangLove a lo-cal Soda brand. It's bright, minimal, and unconventional. I love to see how they stay true to themselves from the visual to the messaging. Branding is good to be beautiful, but it's better, to be honest. Bravo Marx and StrangeLove 


- Pigmental -

Say hello to Barbara Isaeva, a graphic design student from Moscow. Here project Pigmental, a hair color studio is full of life and originalities. The finish is not perfect, but the freedom of the graphic is refreshing. We could all learn to be less constraint by norms and perfection. J'aime